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Our Mesa Optometrist, Akers Eyecare Center Welcomes You

Our Mesa Optometrist, Akers Eyecare Center Welcomes You

At Akers Eyecare Center, our Mesa optometrist takes great pride in serving the surrounding areas with quality eye and vision care services. Our very own Dr. Akers has been running his own practice here in the Mesa area since 2001 after having worked with one of the top contact lens practitioners in the country, Dr. John Rinehart. Today, Dr. Akers specializes in providing the highest standard of personalized care to each patient, as well as serving on the Board of the Arizona Optometric Association (AZOA) and the immediate Past President of the AZOA.

In addition to Dr. Akers, our optometry team is also made up of our skilled and experienced optician, Lauren, and our front office specialist, Kari.

Services Offered By Our Mesa AZ Eye Doctor

Our Mesa AZ eye doctor provides a wide range of services to suit your eye and vision care needs. Our most common service provided is that of the comprehensive eye exam in Mesa, which we generally recommend once a year to our patients. These exams allow us to stay on top of any changes in your eye and vision health, and can allow us to spot signs of potential eye problems such as dry eye, glaucoma, cataracts, and more. We can also perform screenings for common eye diseases right here in our office.

For those who have been diagnosed with an eye disease, we also offer personalized eye disease management services to help manage your symptoms and prevent disease from getting worse. Some diseases we frequently diagnose and manage include:

 From medicated eye drops for dry eye management to cataract surgery and everything in between, our eye doctor has experience in managing any number of eye diseases.

Schedule Your Appointment With Our Eye Doctor in Mesa Today

If you've been looking for an eye doctor in Mesa that you can trust with anything from your annual eye exam in Mesa to eye disease management, Dr. Akers at Akers Eyecare Center is here for you. Schedule your appointment with us by calling our office at (480) 834-3937.

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